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How to Buy DogeCoin in India (Buy any Cryptocurrency)

How to Buy Dogecoin In India

Note: This article is not an investment guide. It is just an educational blog and not financial advice. I am shocked after seeing the Doge Coin price going all up. The DogeCoin which was a meme it went upto 17,176.78% in just one year. Hard

Forget Spam Comment: I Found The Best WP Anti-Spam Plugin

Forget Spam Comments

I personally think WordPress is broken when it comes to their comment system. The first thing we do after installing WordPress is we go to the plugin section and activate the Akismet plugin on our website. We all want to get rid of those spammy

TasteWP Review: Free WordPress Hosting to Test Plugins & Themes


I wanted this website so badly. I always use WordPress to test free plugins or themes and sometimes to just try a simple line of code. When poopy.life got shut down I was the saddest person on planet earth. Well! Guess what I found TasteWP.

FlyingPress Review: The Best Caching & Optimization Plugin


What is that one thing every website owner needs badly? Speed! Speed! and Speed! We all are sucker for speed. Personally, I am the kind of person who always opens Google PageSpeed insights and checks the speed of the website every single day. I don’t

How to Add Web Push Notifications On WordPress 2021

Add Web Push Notification on Wordpress

Update: TruePush is not a free service anymore 🙁 I love push notifications because it helps me a lot in getting the returning visitors on my website. The users don’t need to subscribe and give a lead to sign up and to get started. Users

How to Install Google Tag Manager Code in WHMCS [Easy Way]

Install Google Tag Manager on WHMCS

Tired of looking for a way to install google tag manager code in whmcs? Well! Today, you’re at the right place where I am going to teach you how you can easily install any code in WHMCS I recently started using WHMCS on WebVerge so